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CBT Supervision

CBT supervision with Sonya Tancheva


Sonya is a psychologist with 15 years’ experience as a cognitive scientist and psychologist and she has further specialised in CBT psychotherapy.

She works across different cultures and personal situations and her main and primary value is to approach people’s unique difficulties, goals, circumstances and needs.

She aims to help people to reach and maintain wellbeing and fulfilment.  Her approach is individual to each person and sensitive to their unique circumstances, personal preferences and needs.

CBT supervision for qualified CBT practitioners


If ongoing supervision is agreed after an initial consultation, the arrangement will depend on your professional needs, choice of CBT approach / framework / model and the CBT treatment intervention that you will be providing.

CBT supervision for CBT students


CBT supervision will give you the regular support that you need while you are studying to practice CBT.

Your clinical supervision will focus on supporting your learning of the fundamental skills needed to use CBT interventions for working therapeutically at first with people who have anxiety disorders and depression and later with other common mental health disorders as they are introduced and supported by your course syllabus.

Interventions for a client’s presenting issues with no clearly established evidence-based models will follow the Generic CBT formulation and CBT interventions introduced by your course.

For working with common mental health disorders you are expected to be familiar with the clearly established evidence-based models for the client’s key presenting issue.  Your formulation will reflect knowledge of this and the treatment programme that you produce will directly relate to the formulation.

You are expected to complete your supervision log entry during or shortly after each supervision session.  Once the log has been signed it can be incorporated into your course logs.

Arrangements for sessions


An initial session will be offered to discuss your situation and to see whether Sonya can be of help.  Further sessions will be offered and agreed in writing if you both agree to continue working together.

Supervision sessions will be held by Zoom.

Fees for CBT psychotherapy supervision


Qualified CBT practitioners    -  From £50.00 / session

CBT students                         -  From £30.00 / session

To enquire about this service please email

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