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Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy with Galina Stefanova

Galina is an Art Psychotherapist with 12 years’ experience of working with adults, young people and children individually and in groups.  In addition to working with people who have experienced or are experiencing a variety of emotional, mental and physical issues, she specialises in working with people with special needs and autism.


Some people demonstrate challenging behaviour and others are more anxious and withdrawn.  Galina's approach to each person is different and she provides a safe space for the person to allow experiences and memories to come to the surface.  She helps each person learn about themselves in a gentle way.

Whatever the presenting issue, Galina helps the person to express, recognize and understand their feelings and eventually to start having a choice over their behaviour.

About Art Psychotherapy


Art Psychotherapy can reach the creative part inside of ourselves and this part can be helpful throughout life to create choices and decisions.  Art materials can work on a sensory level and help reduce anxiety and difficult feelings.



Arrangements for sessions

Galina is based in the London SE26 area and can offer an initial assessment session by Zoom.


If you both agree that Galina can be of help, she can offer further sessions either by Zoom or face-to-face depending on what would be best for the person.

Client group


Adults, young people and children



Professional membership


Galina is a member of the HCPC and adheres to its professional standards.



Fee per session


Initial appointment                -  From £35.00

Further appointments           -  From £45.00

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