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Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy

Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy with Cat Waller

Cat is a trainee Integrative Yoga Psychotherapist and is also a qualified, practising Yoga Therapist and yoga teacher.  She has been working in the NHS and local authority mental health services for 16 years and continues to work in an eating disorder service.

Her approach works with the whole person, addressing physical, energetic, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self to support health, balance and well-being depending on what the person needs.


Her approach can help to improve mental health when people experience:


  • Stress, burn-out, exhaustion, fatigue, disconnection, low self-esteem

  • Unhelpful patterns, thoughts and behaviours

  • Anxiety, depression, eating disorders 

  • Grief, loss and trauma

  • Eco-anxiety

About Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy


Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy follows an evidence-based framework and blends a person-centred psychotherapy approach with gentle movement, breath work, mindfulness, self-inquiry, relaxation and neuroscience.


It enables the exploration of the issues that impact on our daily lives and reflection on difficult feelings and emotions.  The body and breath can be helpful tools to achieve this and to support a deepening understanding of ourselves and to build safety and regulation in our bodies and nervous systems. 

Arrangements for sessions

Cat is based in south-east London and can offer an initial assessment session by Zoom.


If you both agree that Cat can be of help, she can offer further sessions either by Zoom or face-to-face. 


Client group


Adults 18+

Professional membership


Cat is a member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP) and adheres to its professional standards.

Fee per session


Initial appointment                -  From £15

Further appointments           -  From £15

Discounted fee                     -  £15

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