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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) with Chinmai Gupta

Chinmai is a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist who has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, a Master’s degree in Management and a certificate in counselling.  She has worked her way up to leadership positions in the corporate world and brings with her a rich experience of living in different countries and resolving the various problems that  life can throw at us.


Her approach is deeply empathic and she can help you to:


  • Manage and overcome problems related to stress, anxiety, confidence and self-image

  • Perform better 

  • Find your own voice

  • Improve your relationships

  • Find happiness


Her method of intervention can be particularly helpful to help people overcome their fears and phobias.  She specialises in smoking cessation.


About Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy


CBH combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy and mindfulness to create a powerful treatment solution that can help with a wide range of issues. 


Many problems arise as a result of excess tension and arousal combined with unhelpful thinking patterns. With CBH, you can expect to understand your negative thought and behaviour patterns and a systematic approach to break free from them. 


The methods Chinmai uses are evidence based, peer-reviewed interventions and are aligned with the conclusions of, among others, the British Psychological Society, the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

Arrangements for sessions

Chinmai is based in south-west  London and can offer an initial assessment session by Zoom.


If you both agree that Chinmai can be of help, she can offer further sessions either by Zoom or face-to-face depending on what would be best for you. 


Client group


Adults 18+

Professional membership


Chinmai is a member of the Register for Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (REBHP) and adheres to its professional standards.

Fee per session


Initial appointment                -  From £75

Further appointments           -  From £75

Discounted fee                     -  £30-50

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